About EqUIP

EqUIP – EU-India Platform for the Social Science and Humanities – is the first research collaboration platform between India and the EU specifically dedicated to Social Science and Humanities.

The platform will support a significant corpus of high quality national research funding agencies from Europe and India in building stronger relationships and stepping up international collaborations. Through encouraging transnational research coordination and intensifying communication, EqUIP will pave the way for national agencies to work together and achieve convergence, in both research policy and research practice, improving the environment for Europe-India excellent research collaboration.

This will be done, in particular, through sharing best practices, a closer coordination of existing collaborative activities, networking, and the establishment of new relationships. In particular, EqUIP will map existing collaborative activities with the aim of identifying current barriers and challenges to effective research co-operation, as well as opportunities and priorities for future research collaboration.

Discover more about EqUIP reading our Objectives and Activities pages, reading our EqUIP Promotional Presentation, or downloading our informative Flyer!EqUIP Flyer imageEqUIP is a three-year Coordination and Support Action funded under the Social Sciences and Humanities programme of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Commission, and started in May 2014.

It will link and build upon the successful partnerships developed by the NORFACE and HERA ERA-NET projects (European Research Area Networks) for further expanding interactions with India.