Frequently Asked Questions

What is EqUIP?

The EU-India Platform for the Social Sciences and Humanities (EqUIP) brings together 13 research funding and support organisations in EqUIP, from 11 countries across Europe and India to work towards greater strategic partnership between India and the EU over social science and humanities research.

For more information, please see the ‘Partners and Associates’ and ‘Aims of the Platform’ sections or the ‘Who is involved in EqUIP’ section below.

Is there any funding available through EqUIP?

EqUIP is focussed on scoping the existing research collaborations and developing best practices for future collaboration, which may include future funding opportunities. However this scoping and research agenda development can be a lengthy process. While it is the long-term aim of the Platform to use the lessons learned and information gained from EqUIP to develop collaborative joint activities following the Platforms completion, we are not in a position to offer funding opportunities at present.

What does EqUIP do?

To build relationships, increase collaborative research opportunities between researchers and scope a common research agenda and understanding of each other’s working practices, EqUIP partners are engaged in a number of activities, including a Joint Learning Workshop, a series of symposia, and a staff exchange scheme.

For more information, please see the ‘Activities’ section.

How do I keep updated about EqUIP’s activities?

For ad hoc information and updates about upcoming events, outputs, and future activities and opportunities under EqUIP, please complete the form on the Subscribe page.

EqUIP is also on Twitter! Follow us at @Equipproject

How can I contact EqUIP?

For any inquiries, please feel free to contact the EqUIP Coordination office at Please be aware that we do not check this inbox every day so please do not use this email if your enquiry is urgent.

Who is involved in EqUIP?

The EU-India Platform for the Social Sciences and Humanities (EqUIP) brings together 13 research funding and support organisations in EqUIP, from 11 countries across Europe and India. A full list of the partners involved can be found on the ‘Partners and Associates’ section.

What is the role of EqUIP associate partners, and how can I become one?

While organisations interested in becoming involved in EqUIP can request to attend workshops and meetings held under the Platform as observers, non-partner organisations can also apply to become Associate Partners of the Platform. Associate partners have access to all EqUIP activities and services (symposia, website, etc.) in the same way as the core members, but participate in the project without signing the Grant Agreement with the European Commission and thus are not formal beneficiaries of the Platform

Associate membership in the Platform is open to all governmental or non-governmental research funding and support agencies based in India, the EU Member States, as well as Associate Countries to the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (Horizon 2020).

As EqUIP intends to further expand, we welcome organizations (e.g. government and non-governmental research funding and support agencies) to contact EqUIP ( for more details on how to become an associate member.

If you are unsure whether your discipline or area of expertise fits within the remit of EqUIP, please feel free to get in touch.

Which are EqUIP Events?

Through an extensive scoping exercise with members and partners, which involved a survey and background analysis based on information provided by partners, EqUIP identified five broad thematic areas of aligned and mutual priority for India and the EU. These areas have shaped discussions being held through a series of symposia being delivered under the Platform in India and Europe between September 2015 and September 2016 (see below). These symposia are invitation only events, with EqUIP partners nominating representatives from their national communities to attend. Each event will produce a Reflection Paper, with a Summary Report due in April 2017, all of which will be uploaded on to the EqUIP website as well as distributed through the Platform’s mailing list (see below).

EqUIP Symposia Events: 

Symposium Event Location Date
‘Inequalities, Growth and Place/Space’ Symposium Delhi, India 19-20th October 2015
‘Digital Archives and Databases as a Source of Mutual Knowledge’ Symposium Rome, Italy 5-6th May 2016
‘Sustainable Prosperity, Well-being and Innovation’ Symposium Helsinki, Finland 9-10th June 2016
‘Social Transformations, Cultural Expressions, Cross-Cultural Connections and Dialogue’ Symposium Delhi, India 28-29th June 2016
‘Power Structures, Conflict Resolution and Social Justice’ Symposium Delhi, India 25th September 2016
Final Summary Symposium Ljubljana, Slovenia 25-26th October 2016

For more information, please see the ‘Symposia’ section. For updates on EqUIP Symposia, please see the ‘News’ section.